Former English teacher

This is continued from the previous story, Literature teacher. Lauren was my former English teacher, and even though I’ve never known her to even talk with Adamson, here is my imagination of her fictional self with her ‘sister’.

**Former English teacher**

Lauren put her head in her hands. Her sister was going through a difficult time, and she had insisted on going to work even though her mental state was volatile. Lauren could only hope that she endured the ordeal without her help.

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Literature teacher

Yep, this is one of those stories where my teachers are reimagined as my stories’ characters. **Literature teacher** She was a cold-faced one. Adamson, my colleague, worked at the same department as me. Pollution control. Our job was to check that all factories met the requirements of pollution curbing. But working with her was not […]

Math teacher

I had this idea that I’d write a bunch of stories of what my teachers would be if they were a character in my stories. And boy did I enjoy writing them.

**Math teacher**

I was doing my job normally, brewing coffee for my customers, when a weird looking lady stumbled in. I paused looking at the coffee I was making and blinked twice. The lady had a taut face that looked as if it was grimacing all the time, even when she smiled. Her teeth– they were sharp as knives. Her hair was shoulder-length, black, but the most peculiar thing– her tight top was bright pink, matched with a neon green pencil skirt.

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Sneezing Himself Inside Out: a crazy story

It was after I wrote this story that I got a little bit shocked and asked myself if I was crazy. I guess I was particularly delusional that day.

There was a man in Healthyville who was always sad. Tears dropped down his face everyday. No one could really remember how long it was since he first cried. In fact, he had been crying so long that parts of his face were hollowed to make way for the tears. If you look closely, furry bits of green moss could be found growing among these tear tracks, absorbing moisture from the constant trickle.

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Horror story in times of Coronavirus

Well… I wrote this one before and I thought it was rubbish, so I didn’t post it. Reviewing it made me realize how prejudiced I am when I rate my newly-finished works.

Amy locked the door, threw off her mask and rushed to the bathroom.

“Must wash my hands,” she muttered, turning on the tap. “The streets are infected with Coronavirus and germs.” It had been her mantra since last year.

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Procrastinating story

I wrote of this to stop myself procrastinating on my essay homework. (Even though I’m pretty sure that counts as procrastinating.) I thought of the plot, thought some more, then laughed.

I stared at my homework, the words a pale yellowish sheen under the soothing glow of the desk lamp. I was supposed to hand in the homework in 2 days, and even though I knew it would be a miracle if I managed to finish it in one day, I was still procrastinating. I had no idea how to start the essay, and I didn’t want to think about the matter. My brain was shutting down and I just wanted to write a story. Why was life like this? I released an infuriated breath. “I give up!” I shouted to no one in particular, slamming my fists onto the table and standing up. I grabbed the question paper, feeling its horrific form beneath my palms, and ripped.

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Hansel and Gretel twisted tale

Hansel ran back the way he had supposedly left a trail of breadcrumbs. “They’re all gone! What do we do?”

Gretel turned around and screamed. “HANSEL YOU IDIOT! Those were our only food! Why couldn’t you have done something more sensible? LIKE MARKING THE TREES WITH A SHARP ROCK?”

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Warrior cats but with fishes

Note: best read Warrior Cats before reading this. If you have no idea what it is, it is about a wild cat society where there are different clans and they fight. Main point: they fight.

So I have been reading Wattpad recently and one of my favourites was Worst Warrior Cats Fanfiction 3 even though I never did like Warriors. Well I was inspired by Unicornjudo to write my own Warriors fanfiction. Sadly, I can’t seem to work with cats even though I love them. So here is Warriors but with fishes.

Fish was a fish. He lived in a tank. “Hey! You can’t call me a fish,” he protested. “I’m a black moor goldfish, not just any fish.” Yeah, whatever. He’s still Fish.

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Flying Free: a story about a phoenix

The phoenix blinked her eyes open. It was blindingly white, with long tubes of daylight striping the sky. She felt cold. Cold and hungry.

“Did you hear that? It cried!”

Brad Rolle did in fact hear the cry. But he said nothing, instead quickly noted down the behaviour of the creature. Sometimes Jaman Butr was too childish. In fact, naïve. He wwas always so excited about something, like an impertinent child. Yet he had the thing they needed– superhuman wisdom. And it counted for a lot of things.

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